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Author: Lidia Koubova

Published: 29.11.2019


How #DepecheMode are related to #BlackFriday and #eFulfillment

“Let’s have a black celebration, black celebration, tonight, to celebrate the fact, that we’ve seen the back of another black day”

The Black celebration album created by the famous music band Depeche Mode (DM) has been one of the most influential albums of the 1980. Until today, if you are not dressed in black, you are not a real DM fan.

Today, 29.11.2019, is the #BlackDay, the most hated and expected shopping event – #BlackFriday. Millions and millions of shoppers transmute today in a crowd of potential DM fans, surfing on the black wave hoping to get the best possible deals, as the #BlackCelebration started already at midnight.

Those who prefer to get deals in brick and mortar shops and sales outlets, waiting in queue before the opening hours, would like to #FlyOnTheWindscreen to get inside first. The choice to do so, is just #AQuestionOfTime because #Somethimes, #ItDoesNotMatterTwo options you have – buy online or offline, if you are ready to #Stripped yourself of money and #HereIsTheHouse where the fantastic deals on #NewDresses are, and even if you don’t like to be #DressedInBlack, you go for it and buy. All these black clothes – prepared just for one day – make you mad. By the #BreathingInFumes of freshly produced and unpacked dresses you feel hypnotised. You know, you are going to buy it anyway, you cannot resist the offer, it is #AQuestionOfLust. Once you are home, you start perceiving the store like the #WorldFullOfNothing. Now you have the choice, the return police is on your side. #ButNotTonight, it is still the #BlackDay.  Let’s celebrate it…*

*the text was written based on the titles of Depeche Mode songs of the Black Celebration album.

 …and what does it mean for e‑shops and online retailers? Either it is a black celebration in terms of turnover, or with all those returns coming back a few days later, it becomes a black nightmare. A fulfilment expert like us – Internel – this is daily business and we are ready to help you with pre or post black celebration or nightmare liberation (returns).

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