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Fast track to Poland's # 1 loyalty programme:
Cadooz works with Internel for market excellence

cadooz rewards GmbH, is a subsidiary of NASDAQ listed and US based Euronet Worldwide Inc., with > 60 offices and clients in > 160 countries world-wide. Linked also to its sister company EPAY for a broader service offering, cadooz' mission is to link brands with people - by maximising incentive programme success.

In Europe, cadooz runs major loyalty programmes, such as Germany's biggest and most successful incentive shop PAYBACK. This is achieved due to permanent scouting, sourcing, offering and finally supply top-class consumer goods that bring value for their new owners.

After the tremendous success in Germany, PAYBACK decided to also partner with cadooz in Poland, where the loyalty programme was managed by an international e-fulfiller before, which also sourced customer products. And the Polish rewards shop was not at its best state: with vastly me-too products offered and not moving, the customer interest had dropped - unfortunately also accompanied by a customer service drop, late deliveries and rewards even shipped in formerly used shippers to customers.

A "fast & furious" market entrance was crucial...

For cadooz, the quality of its customer programme products is of key importance, and thus a clear cut to the existing product portfolio was needed and a fresh, clean start. Within less than 3 months, cadooz had to liquidate the old stocks of PAYBACK's former logistics partner, and source, trendy and innovative items that would make existing customer happy again and moreover attract new PAYBACK card users alike - a true but well mastered challenge!

And an excellent service even more.

Prior to the launch of the new PAYBACK business, cadooz was looking for a service partner in Poland, who would engage in an efficient and fast project ramp-up and thereafter be able to provide top-class fulfilment services from reliable product receipt, safe storage, efficient pick & pack and on-time shipping of products to PAYBACK card holders.

cadooz knew, that no matter how great their products were, shipping well-packed product parcels on time, would place the final stamp and impression on the customer - thus working with the right e-fulfilment partner from the start would be crucial to their business.

Soon after the implementation start-up, Internel's e-fulfilment processes had to be adapted to reflect the loyalty programme environment, with customers who expect surely a much better service as when buying from a regular, classic e-shop. As an example, as products may be paid with collected PAYBACK points and partially also with money, a different and customer-friendly return handling process had to be created, additional distribution tools like individualised, multiple SMS, email notifications and many more services were introduced.

cadooz rewards - return on investment

Customer base growth from 8 to 10 million in only 18 months! Successful link with giants like Kaufland and BP to expand its programme rapidly

Internel - return on investment

Knowledge gain; Internel became true loyalty programme fulfilment expert Privilege to support the largest loyalty programme in Poland

Implementing great services right from the start

During cadooz' selection process for a 1st class logistics partner, the company analysed local e-fulfilment providers, ranging from multinationals such as Bertelsmann's Arvato, to medium-sized service