Next Generation E‑Fulfilment Turn customers into cash flow


“With Internel’s efficient and reliable return handling process, we’re able to change product returns to a positive consumer experience – ensuring they’ll come happily back again to buy.” – Shoprunback, Paris, France

The problem

Ever since its start in 2014, Shoprunback, headquartered in Paris, has been designing global consumer parcel return apps and processes to reduce costs, complexity and increase the service level for their European e-tailers. One of which, Mango, has engaged Shoprunback to find a reliable e-fulfiller in Poland to manage increasing returns from this fast-growing online market place.

One of the co-founders, Emmanuel, explains: “In early 2014, we started to see problems with our returns for Mango. We used to get them in irregular intervals, directly send and paid from Polish consumers and in all means of transport, a great return handling process and customer refund was simply impossible.

Shoprunback seeks an e-fulfilment partner to improve customer service. The multiple innovation award winner Shoprunback realised that their great return app would not work in Poland, to meet the growing demand by consumers, unless there would be a true reliable partner behind the scenes who would receive and manage those returns locally.

After researching possible e-commerce fulfilment partners, Emmanuel decided to get in touch with Internel’s fulfilment experts.

After speaking with one of Internel’s many multi-lingual sales executives in French and discussing their business model in detail, a trial co-operation was agreed upon.

“The Internel process is well organised, but our Polish return business wasn’t.” says Emmanuel. “Their distribution support team made it easy for us to go through all processes and challenges in Poland – and we’ve been setting up a completely new return process in a few work days only”.

The Solution

Onboarding is quick and easy – tremendous growth too Shoprunback steered their Polish returns through Internel just a few days after the call. Shortly after the Internel implementation team met to discuss the onboarding, the business could start. First as a “Microsoft Excel file” exchange, nowadays with a fully automated return process for the textile industry, with barcode scanning, return code flagging and real-time reporting – thanks to Shoprunback’s app innovation and Internel’s flexible on-site IT team.

With a few hundred returns to start in 2014, the service has turned into thousands of monthly single consumer return handled by Internel. All steered by the unique Shoprunback app to Internel’s Polish distribution centre, pre-checked and thereafter shipped consolidated in highly economical master boxes directly to Shoprunback’s customer distribution centres – so that consumers could be refunded within 2-3 days and not as before within 14-18 days.

The Result

New return service helps Shoprunback and its customers. Moving its e-fulfilment returns to Internel means that Shoprunback is now able to offer its customers a wider range of return handling and consolidation shipping options and keep them as well their consumers updated about where their orders are, at each stage of the process.

An economical return and an easy/clear return policy are purchase key factors for online consumers of today – and the best reason not to abandon the shopping cart. With Internel’s return solution for Poland, international e-tailers and app creators like Shoprunback are able to increase customer loyalty and online ratings greatly.

Internel truly recommends the Shoprunback app and is proud service partner in this annual increasing return challenge – overall in textile businesses – helping to make it a hassle-free e-tailer and consumer experience.