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How to find a great logistics/expansion partner?

Author: Lidia Koubova

Published: 11.03.2019


Berlins e‑commerce expo 2019 feedback

How to find a great logistics/expansion partner?


Whilst exhibiting at this year’s e-commerce expo in Berlin, we had the pleasure to speak with a great variety of e‑businesses. Some were already well-established companies, some of them shortly prior to their start and some of them with an idea and the will to get going soon.

We were asked plenty of questions starting with…..

Do you… provide services for these kinds of products, provide specific services; what about…. ; can you tell us more about your fulfilment services…?

Choosing the right fulfilment partner is not an easy task, but before online businesses start a “fulfilment centre research tour”, they should know about basic information which will be asked by any professional fulfilment house. Each offer will be issued based on shared information and so, both parties, the client and the fulfilment house will spare time and accelerate the whole enquiry process when sharing the right information at the very start.

Old-fashioned logistics companies will either ask no questions and send you a standard offer or ask a load of questions, not all of your answers will be considered in the offer though – these are some of the questions asked:

Product Details

  • -What are you selling? Not all centres are able or willing to store bulky products like furniture, or food and beverages, expensive jewellery or hazardous materials.
  • -The parcel/order weight and its value.


Storage Details

  • -Number of SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)?
  • -Does your product have a barcode?
  • -How much stock do you want to store to start with?
  • -How many pallets will you store per month?


Shipping Details

  • -How many orders per month you have and ideally divided per country?
  • -Average items per package?
  • -Any promotional materials to be inserted to the package?
  • -How many returns do you expect per month?
  • -How should we handle your return?
  • -Special packaging – do you need any?


Additional Fees

In order to get a great and transparent offer you should know that some of the fulfillment centres charge for many different services and if they are a serious business, you will find all fees in the offer, clearly legible and not somewhere in the small prints. We are talking about a handling, implementation fee or management fee or other surpluses – it is important to not just look at shipping rates but at the entire picture.

We at Internel are true fulfilment experts and apart of the fact that we do not have hidden fees or extra charges, we are only asking 4 questions to start with:

  • -What products do you want to sell – please advise your e‑shop address or in case of a future start, tell us which product(s) you wish to sell?
  • -What platform does your e‑shop have (Shopify, Magento, etc.)?
  • -How many orders per month do you expect and in which countries?
  • -When do you want to start?


With our profound knowledge we are able to work out a great offer for your business without asking dozens of questions, that are actually clear if we get the above answers. We have great knowledge about packaging, return possibilities, fast and accurate pick & pack and shipping and surely storage – so knowing the product will give us already 80% of all answers to make you a great and comprehensive offer – without side costs – thus fully transparent. So, you will know exactly and right from the start what our top-quality service will cost for your business.

Get in touch and ask us any question you have and from our great and profound knowledge in logistics for online businesses. We are happy to hear from you.



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