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Polish Black Friday in numbers

Author: Lidia Koubova

Published: 26.11.2019


Polish e‑commerce insights – Black Friday 


Every year, more and more Polish consumers are buying during Black Friday, which has become one of the biggest national shopping cycles apart from Christmas: the last Friday of November.

Black Friday sales were started in Poland for the first time in 2013, spreading annually to more and more sales channels and online stores, nowadays already a known habit amongst Polish citizens. And Black Friday is still developing, to become a longer shopping period like an entire weekend or even a week, thus not only a single day as until recently.

According to Picodi, a large international discount & voucher platform (, 95% of Polish consumers already know what Black Friday is and 60% of them are planning to buy online during this day.

According to KIR (Polish National Clearing House) the 2018 average Black Friday online shopping basket was 176% higher than during a regular Friday. During last year’s Black Friday the average national online shopper spent PLN 190 (€ 44), compared with any other day in October of PLN 146 (€ 36)*.

Black Friday in numbers polish market

Finally, although also Cyber Monday was introduced in Poland, it seems to be less popular than Black Friday, with a lower average spending of PLN 160 (€ 36) but still considerably higher than a regular shopping day. One of the reason is that online retailers already discount their offers from Black Friday, for the entire weekend and recently even for the week before. However, interesting though to know, that on Cyber Monday, the amount of online transactions, thus orders, last year, was +112%, more than double, than during a normal average sales day in October.

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