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E-commerce Expo Berlin 2020 – efulfilment company 3.0

Author: Lidia Koubova

Published: 18.02.2020


Meet one of the first e‑fulfillment companies 3.0: Internel


Last week, the Internel crew was exhibiting at the E-commerce Expo in Berlin. We attracted plenty of visitors to our booth, not only because of our smiling faces and the very well-designed stand wall but mainly because of our logistics innovations for online retailers.

Efulfillment Europe

E-logistics companies are more or less all the same: From receiving goods to shipping them out, most compete on service prices. The difference between us and the mass? A great range of added-value services, an innovative approach to ever-changing e‑commerce challenges and a great customer care right from the very first contact.

IT innovations – we’re an e‑fulfilment company 3.0

A great IT infrastructure to manage the physical movements of goods and allow customer tracking & tracking… boring and a must-standard nowadays. Instead, a fulfiller of the newest generation like Internel, must be familiar with the technical background of e‑shop platforms in order to integrate an online business smoothly, quickly but also with clear focus on the future: international order and sales growth.

On top of that, we have a fully customer tailor-makeable return portal, likable by API and able to reflect most e e‑commerce business cases and we are integrating via app to Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and 20 more standard shopping carts within 1 working day!

International deliveries at national costs

With our highly efficient distribution network of own and 3rd party warehouses, regional parcel hubs and virtual companies in Poland, Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic and Denmark, we’re shipping perfectly packed and tracked customer parcels via best national carriers all over Europe and retrieve returns nationally.

Ecological impact – no greenwashing

We are aware of the impact our business has on the environment. We don’t wait until the green wave will reach our business to force us to be more ecological. We’ve done our homework already: we’re already 80% plastic free and have reduced plastic tapes, foil bags and filling materials last year – our aim is to be conventional plastic-free by end 2020, thus with either clean & clever replacement of all plastics. Finally, all our carton boxes used are sourced from FSC certified producers.

Best logistics solution for eshop Internel

Best logistics solution award for e‑shops – Internel

Our innovative e‑fulfilment solutions are a MUST for every businesses wanting to enter the Polish or Central Eastern European (CEE) market or to expand cross-border amongst all Europe with a reliable and innovative partner.

By choosing Internel, you choose a better future for your company – in any sense.

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