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Christmas time is over, what’s next?

Author: Lidia Koubova

Published: 08.01.2020


Christmas time is over, what’s next?

With the holiday season passed, returns of last year’s sales are  just getting started…

People are buying presents for their beloved. More than ever. And with it “wrong” presents are bought and consequently returned. An increasing number year by year. Having a transparent and efficient return process surely helps, because returns are a fact to live with.

After the short holiday that is behind us, unwanted gifts need to be changed or returned. The Christmas peak sales is thus followed by a return peak. Returns may be good business for delivery companies, such as the Christmas purchasing boom, but for e‑tailers they’re a pure cost factor.

The major flow of internationally bought items will be returned to a sales stores: there stored, packed and forwarded to hundreds of EU logistic centres. Or even worse, they are returned personally to the shops in the first two weeks of January, keeping cashiers busy with products that were not sold by them.

Clients buying online do not wish to visit the store to return products, clothes, etc. – as otherwise they would have purchased them already beforehand in such stores to start with. And for sure they are not keen on returning orders internationally – at huge freight charges for private persons.

E-tailers such as retailers need to concentrate on simplifying their return process and keep local outlets free from additional parcel manipulation and complaint handling.

That’s where Internel comes in:

We are experienced e‑fulfilment experts who can deliver fast, problem-free returns of goods across borders. We operate from centralised product centres in Germany and Poland to collect national returns in those countries and forward them fast, at low-cost summary shipments all over the EU.
Use our extensive knowledge and experience, servicing companies in a variety of product categories – including textiles and products that require special care – like electronics and pharmaceuticals.


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