The Returns of The eReturns


Winning the Post-Holiday Battle: Turning Returns into Triumphs

You won last year’s Christmas battle with great sales results – time has come to face the dark side of it – THE eRETURNS…
Not every Christmas present is a winner. In the fashion business, returns account for > 30% of all online sales; in most areas the year-end top sales season generates 15-20% ereturns.
How to strike back?
🌀 You can convert returns into a positive experience with a clear and customer-friendly return policy.
🌀 You can hire temporary staff to manage a great return mountain – as to also ensure timely money return to your online shoppers.
🌀 You can invest further in infrastructure and technology.

Sometimes, even with best processes in place, it’s difficult to keep up. Therefore, the winning move is to partner with a great #3PL such as Internel; we are here to ensure a highly efficient daily return receipt, quality control, item state reporting, item refurbishing and restocking.

Outsourcing your EU operations to a highly experienced fulfilment partner like us, spares you chaotic first weeks to start the year, eliminates sales fluctuations at high fixed costs and the best of all: we free your time for selling as of day 1 after your sales promotions.

Our Commitment to You

Internel is more than a 3PL provider; we’re your partner in success. We offer tailored logistics solutions that align with your unique needs, allowing you to breathe easier and focus on what you do best—spreading love through your products.

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