Sustainability in E-Fulfillment

Every Day is Earth Day at Internel: Committing to Sustainability in E-Fulfillment 🍃

While Earth Day officially falls on 22nd April each year, with 2024’s theme, being “Planet vs. Plastics,” at Internel, we embody the spirit of Earth Day every single day. This year’s focus sheds light on the pressing issue of plastic pollution, with an alarming 380 million tons of plastic produced annually, and a mere 9% ever recycled.

Amidst global calls for a 60% reduction in plastic usage by 2040 and discussions for a binding UN Plastics Treaty, Internel has proactively chosen a sustainable path.

We didn’t wait for regulations to dictate our operations; our commitment to the environment led us to eliminate plastics 2 years ago, long before legislative pressures. We transitioned to biodegradable and recycled materials, proving that it’s possible to reduce environmental impact without compromising our service.

Our decision reflects our understanding of the challenges within ‘our’ e-commerce sector. Realistically, reducing our environmental footprint to zero isn’t feasible if we continue to operate – shipping vast quantities of parcels is integral to our business. However, we strive to minimise our impact wherever possible and incorporate sustainable practices into our daily operations.

At Internel, we exclusively utilise eco-friendly materials for our packaging. Our standard materials include FSC-certified paper, recycled fillings, and wrappings, and we opt for biodegradable alternatives when foil bags are required. This commitment ensures that when you partner with us, you are not only choosing a fulfilment service that prioritises the planet but also one that enhances your brand’s reputation.

Partner with us today for a sustainable tomorrow. Start a meaningful cooperation that benefits everyone. Contact Internel and make every day Earth Day.🍃

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